What Is Health IT?

What is Health IT?

Health Information Technology (or Health IT) is any information technology related to the healthcare field. This is obviously an expansive category ranging from electronic health records to electronic billing software. In this way, Health IT isn’t as much a field,…

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5 Ways To Improve Patient Collections

5 Ways to Improve Patient Collections

Whatever your opinion of personal healthcare plans in the U.S. is, there is no denying that insurance plan deductibles continue to rise at a rate that greatly outpaces wage growth, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation observational analysis. No matter…

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How To Avoid Overbilling And Misbilling

How to Avoid Overbilling and Misbilling

Medical billing has a lot of moving parts. Your goal, whether a large multi-specialty medical suite or small two-provider ambulatory care office, is to treat patients well and keep your business running smoothly by billing properly. Sometimes errors can occur…

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Best Practices For Your Front Desk

Best Practices for Your Front Desk

In many ways, the front desk of your medical practice is the unsung hero of the business. When things go right – when the front desk is operating at optimum efficiency, and all services and actions are perfectly in sync…

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