Delphi is a Colorado company that has been in the Medical Billing business since 1998. In 2001 Greg Miller, CPA came on board as Delphi’s CFO and partner. In 2004 Greg, along with his wife Erin purchased the company. Since then they have devoted their time to growing Delphi and improving our services. At Delphi we are constantly looking to improve our processes in order to stay ahead in a fast changing industry.

Many of Delphi’s clients have been with us for 15 plus years. We provide stability for your billing operations so that you can focus on your practice. We have a stable staff of long term employees so you can feel comfortable that your billing is being handled by professional billers. We have staff members that have worked with the same clients for 5 plus years so that our clients have a personal relationship with everyone at Delphi.

At Delphi we understand that all of our customers are unique with varying needs, that is why we customize our services to meet the needs of your practice.


We are the Goldie-Locks of medical billing, not too big and not too small,
we are just right to meet your needs.”

– Greg Miller